Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Daniel Jaffke's 1st Angelversary

My last post was Jan. 15 2015.  Since then we had the 1st angelversary for Daniel at his grave site.  I figured that because the weather was so bad that there would be very few people there.  I drove in to the cemetery and saw cars lining the roads.  My heart just melted to see the love of these people for my baby.

We bought these picks for people who came.  One side has a picture of Daniel on the trip he took with his dad to Colorado in 2007.  I plan to have a different picture on the picks every year.  Next year we plan to have the angelversary inside at a bar or something.  Maybe the 5th Quarter on Prospect St. in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.
Also that week my husband Tom Jaffke had to have 3 emergency surgeries due to arteriosclerosis.
Today was the day last year that they arrested and got the piece of crap that killed Daniel off the streets.
I'm celebrating with a migraine headache.  But I think I'll drink a beer and toast the wonderful police officers that arrested the idiot, then go to bed.

Some people think I may be crazy but that's ok, I have a great reason to be crazy.