Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

65 years

65 Years

From 8/29/2014
Thought about you vividly today to the point I almost broke at work. Then I get the info about shitheads near life sentence after I get in my car. I guess a weight is somewhat lifted, but I miss the shit out of you.

Shawn Wilson was sentenced to 65 years in prison for killing my brotherDaniel Jaffke on January 31, 2014. Shawn is 28. Daniel was 30. 65 years will make Shawn a very old man if he serves a full 65 years in prison. It's justice...guilty as charged and 65 years...but to my heart, it's a tragedy.

I am thanking God tonight for bringing the murderer of Daniel Jaffke to justice today, impressive the work the investigators, prosecutors, and witnesses did in 8 months. This sentence will never bring Daniel back to us but I have the bright eyed opportunity to cherish every single person that remains in my life and make our relationship better and as best as it can be. I love you all.

I'm pretty damn sure that Daniel Jaffke helped put his own killer behind bars for even longer because of the amazing Person he was in this life. The judge clearly let it be known to everyone in that court room that Daniel was someone very special and that his was a loss not only that devastated family and friends, but the community itself.
This event /tragedy has taught me a couple things about life and people. You have to love every day like it may be your last.
And justice is a verb.

Shawn Wilson has been given 65 years for the murder that he did towardDaniel Jaffke. Thank you, Kurt! Thank you!

Some days are harder than others. Missing you, Daniel. Wishing we could get true ‪#‎justiceforjaffke‬ today.

As I sit here going through my memory box, I think to myself that no one should have to gather little things that remind them of someone to keep for always. I treasure everything in this box dearly. If my house were on fire I'd grab this box and run out the door. It's irreplaceable. Much like the memories I've tucked away inside. Daniel Jaffke you are irreplaceable. In all forms of being, there's nothing about our friendship that anyone else could ever come close to meaning to me. 
I'm praying for just a little bit of closure today. For your family and your closest friends. I hoping that this man who took you from us will be locked away for so long that no one else will have to suffer the loss that we all have had to endure these past six almost seven months. 
No one else's loving family should ever have to mourn for such a senseless loss. Because it still doesn't make sense to me. He didn't have to do what he did. But he did it anyways. Not one of us can change it or bring you back home to us here on earth. Though I know many who would sacrifice themselves to see your smiling face again.
Instead we go on living with this hole in our hearts.
Nothing will ever be the same.
I'll continue to do my two good deeds for the day.
Everyday. Until I too go Home.
One for me. One for you, Daniel.
We all have to live for two now. So many reading this have done things that they never thought they'd do because you would have wanted them to follow their dreams. 
It's inspiring. 
To hear friends say that they've gotta live for you now too.
Please give us strength, comfort and peace today.

Daniel Jaffke
Murdered by Shawn Wilson and Papa Johns