Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Equal Love

Equal Love

Is Hard To Come By, Embrace It

By Daniel Jaffke 3/2013

Today is a good day to talk about all the failures and successions in today’s relationships. While people fight for the subject of equal rights, while I try to lick my deep wounds, and into the spring we descend upon a new reason we try and feel alive. The graces of our beliefs and traditions strain on the limbs of love. Some want the absence of emotion and call it reality, others want the best of both worlds while a constant struggle to understand our better halves.
Miss-communication seems to always unveil its ugly head near the end of every relationship. Our relationship with our lovers, our fellowship within our nation, and the war within ourselves all have the same scars. Isn’t every relationship the same? If it works, is it because it was “meant to be” or because “we worked at it”? If beliefs brings us together, why are we so torn from the center? If we don’t love each other then we are living a lie. We would save each other from near death, not because of money or enjoyment, but because of love. So when a social union or legal contract between people that establishes rights and obligations between them, but not bound to the confides of another’s religion or belief, then what is the argument? Could I ever marry someone of another religion? Maybe, but I wouldn’t let their religion get in the way of how I feel about them.
In my case, time has always been a factor of how my relationships falter. I wouldn’t say that every relationship that has ended was a failure, because I have learned from them. I would want something at a certain time and the other person doesn’t feel the same. The moments that teach me who I am also shape me into a stronger individual, but there is a war within that still rages. I wish to control my environment, and I lack the self control to do it in a way that makes everyone happy, or maybe I haven’t found someone who feels the same about their environment. Regardless of environment, we all have wars we fight within ourselves. Just because I don’t know where to take my love, doesn’t make me any less wise to the subject of love.
I hope everyone understands the issue with history. History writes itself. I hope everyone is able to live without regret and feel what needs to be felt in order for love to shine its light into your heart today. Think of someone who eases your mind, and let them know they are in your thoughts, because that could stop the inner war if but only for a day.

Photo from Daniel's On This Day page for 8/22/2013