Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Guilty (cont)

Mary, Donna and Amanda
This is one of my favorite photographs from that day.

Tom and Kelly after the verdict

Tabitha (sister in law) 
got this coke at work at the same time the verdict was being delivered in court

Comments from Daniel's friends on his facebook page

"Look at the wake, from the stardust pouring from your eyes, its no mistake, you're perfect in my
mind, and you won't fade, away" Daniel Jaffke  "you wont be left behind, your memory is here to remind"

This has been an exhausting week! So glad to be home with Tabitha and our babies. Yesterday was a successs, but we will never have true justice unless we get Daniel back. I want to thank everyone who came these last three days and those who withstood the grueling wait we had to endure to hear that 12 people unanimously decided that Shawn Wilson took our beloved from us and those who poured their love on us through other means.
You are awesome.
The Marion County Prosecutor'...s Office has been so kind and have worked their hide off on this case. Special thanks to John DANIEL Keiffner, the other beast of a prosecutor (I can't remember her name, but she was awesome), and the jury.
Hopefully, now our family and friends can find some peace.
Love to all of you.

Momma Donna! I have been meaning to tell you that when Vinny kitty went missing for over a month...I asked Daniel if he would keep him safe and help to bring him home and that's just what happened!!! ‪#‎spiritliveson‬

Past few days just hit real hard like a ton of bricks. I'm so relieved to know that justice has been done and no more lives will be taken by this coward.. Even though someone so dear to us all already had to pay the ultimate price. Me, like so many others would do anything to change what has happened. Especially to someone so loving and precious. There is a tiny hole in my spirit that will never mend. I'm forever changed. Never will my heart be as it once was. Daniel Jaffke just made you love. And I will carry that love for always. Wherever I go. Rest In Peace sweet pea. You were the best one of the best ones!! </3 No one will ever forget you.
Until we meet again.
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Justice for you buddy. Keep rocking on.

Had some company last night and today. =] Thanks Danius Jaficus for hanging out and going to the store with me.