Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Posts on Daniel's Facebook Page 1 year ago (Trial Day)

There is more than one person guilty of his murder.
I would like to see him in jail too, but he is too rich to prosecute.

Today... heartbroken thinking about the pain my loved ones are going through with the trial for Daniel Jaffke's murderer. Earlier today my roommate informed me that a baby bird found its way in our house. I found this little sweetie cutie in the dining room window and tried to coax him into the kitchen where he could fly out the window. Poor baby got scared and flew headfirst into the window then dropped to the floor. Picked him up and took him outside where he died in my hands after taking his last breaths. I am done with today.
Six months of crying for Daniel Jaffke and it's not any better yet. His last words are wrecking me. I just picture everything he ever did for me and everyone who knew him and I can't handle it. Thankfully, I'm lucky to have people from work and my personal life who care for me and have been there when I've reached out for someone to talk to.
Seriously feeling sick to my stomach over hearing Daniel 's last words.

Heavy day in the courtroom today. Another one tomorrow. I'm thinking of you, little guy.

I just lost the longest post to Daniel Jaffke ...that ive been working on for a while now....im so upset im speechless. I hate technology.
My heart is with your family, your other half Austin , and the rest of your friends ,even moreso then usual today...the start of the trial. I hope justice is served for what it can..

Justice for Daniel Jaffke. The family is at court today. We will bring him justice.

The trial for Daniel Jaffke's murderer starts today. Thinking about his family and all of my friends, and hoping for justice.
Here we go, buddy. I love you. I know you will be there today.
Flying out to Chicago this morning. Daniel is tucked away in my backpack along for the ride. It's been 6 months and it really doesn't get any easier.
I wish the killer could understand what and who he took away.
All my thoughts are at home with the start of this trial. Love you guys ♡
Rest in heaven daddy, Janice, Daniel Jaffke grandma, grandpas, uncles... stay with me.... by my side... so I'll never be alone.
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