Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Ode To A Snow Angel

Snowflakes the size of Manhattan engulf the sky of broken limbs

Against a white back drop and into the dark they reach into stems

Silence fix found by the muffled blanket of winter and breeze

The world could be burning but my eyes stay glued to the trees

Coldness is a mind set tricked by unimaginative mankind

Completely numb as the future is dim pale and indefinitely blind

I could cough pneumonia flaunt but my breath is seen and light

Moments like these are here and gone and mostly hard to define

Its hard to say but maybe I want to be paralyzed without choice

Let the world search so relentless only to find an empty noise

Soon the stars will come and shroud this motionless deaf past

Until the rays of absent warmth and charm again will cast

Daniel Jaffke


Daniel died faced down in the snow on a freezing Janauary night in Indianapolis