Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Lost VO.2

Lost VO.2

I get lost
Somehow all the lines implied
Don’t seem to separate the lanes
And we got turned around along the way
Kicking up rocks like all the dreams lost
Thrown back off and tossed past the cliff
From which we drift inch by inch
So I guess I tuck and roll
Or I guess lose my soul
Face the truth and fix the stare
Take the step and fair is fair
No care in hand, I can’t meet these demands

I get lost
From my side of the dream
Is it what you need?
I get lost
And I won’t let go

Black and gold with cruise control
Headlights guide the vibe to its end
I still sit and stare and watch from there

Shoot the apple and blow my mind
A perfect design to prove you right
Heres the towel I’m throwing the fight

I get lost from this end of the dream
Is it what you need
I get lost and I won’t let go
I get lost from everything you say
Is it what you mean
I get lost
I get lost
I get lost and I won’t let go

Daniel Jaffke
9/18/1983 - 1/31/2014