Daniel Jaffke

Memorial for Daniel P. Jaffke, a son, brother, and friend.

Prison Escape

Prison Escape

I wish I didn’t care at all

I’d like to wake up slow
To feel hear or see nothing
But I will and I know

Wheels will turn

Increasing pace
Leaving me blinded
And cities to waste

I wish it didn’t matter

That the well went dry
That Im left dragging back
While you never tried

Wheels will turn

Stuck in place
Leaving me blinded
And lust to waste
Wheels still turn
After pleading my case
You took what you could
accept empty space

I can’t accept what never was

You were never, you would never
I wish I didn’t come off

As a cling in defeat
but the wheels turn

And the choice is made
I need a new move
For this prison escape

Daniel Jaffkle
9/18/1983 - 1/31/2014